Lemur Experience

Monkey Madness

You will have to be bananas if you miss the opportunity to interact with one of the cuddliest of primates all the way from Madagascar.

During the experience you will sit inside the Lemur enclosure enabling the Lemurs to use you as a climbing frame. They will happily sit on your knees or shoulder allowing you to feel their luxurious thick coat as their tail wraps itself around you. You will have a selection of fruits to offer the Lemurs and make no mistake, they know what they like. You will be accompanied by the keeper who will of course answer any questions you have during your experience.

Please remember to bring a camera with you and take as many pictures as you can of this rare opportunity to interact with animals who normally live up in the canopy of the tropical rainforests of Madagascar.

Threatened by habitat loss and hunting, Ruffed lemurs are facing extinction in the wild and by taking part in this experience we hope that it will raise awareness of the plight they are facing. As we do not wish to put any of our animals under stress this experience is limited to one a day. We allow only two participants into the enclosure at any one time and experiences may vary depending on the Lemurs.

Price £50.00 For two people sharing the experience

Duration  30 minutes

Age Limit Over 8 Years of Age Only

Included in this package is free entry to the Animal Park for those participants

To book: call  07768878935

Park Details..

Wetlands Animal Park
Sutton Cum Lound
Near Retford
DN22 8SB

Telephone: 01777 818 099

Email: info@wetlandsanimalpark.co.uk

We regret that we are unable to accept Credit/Debit Cards

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